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At Bossliv, we understand the multifaceted nature of entrepreneurship.

That’s why our services are designed to be as dynamic and diverse as your aspirations.

Whether you're in the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey or looking to refine and scale, our offerings cater to every facet of your business needs.

Dive in and discover how Bossliv can be the catalyst for your next breakthrough.




Our mentoring services are designed to support and guide entrepreneurs through the complexities of establishing and growing a business. With personalized sessions, our seasoned mentors like Cristine Lerner, who brings over 20 years of international business experience, provide valuable insights, foster strategic thinking, and help clients overcome obstacles. We focus on developing not just your business, but also your entrepreneurial mindset, preparing you for success in both local and international markets.

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BOSSLIV’s consulting services offer comprehensive strategies tailored to your unique business needs. From market analysis to business structuring, we deliver in-depth expertise in creating a robust business presence, especially for multi-cultural entrepreneurs in the US market. Our team stays abreast of market trends and utilizes a network of resources to aid in the identification, positioning, and expansion of your business. We're committed to not just meeting but exceeding the specific demands of your enterprise for sustained success.

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BOSSLIV’s courses and events provide immersive educational experiences for continuous professional development. Our curriculum ranges from workshops on the latest business trends to leadership training and networking events. Each course is curated by experts like Cristine and Pedro, ensuring that the content is relevant, actionable, and in sync with the evolving business landscape. We also host events that connect entrepreneurs with peers and industry leaders, fostering a community of collaboration and growth.

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