Become Your Own Bossliv


Have your business ready and tested in just 3 months!


An innovative methodology that combines knowledge, support, and application, which will lead you to build your business, with a logo, social networks, and validation!


The Become Your Own Bossliv Methodology unites entrepreneurship, marketing, visual identity and technology. Here, you will be part of a select group of people who will be accompanied and guided to create unique companies in the USA!


 Become Your Own Bossliv  is for you!!!



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At first, we will practice self-knowledge and personal development so that, from there, you can find the ideal business for you and be able to analyze your market competitors.


This phase consists of the modules:

Module 1: Introduction: Become your own Bossliv

Module 2: Create space for you, your ideas and your business

Module 3: Find your "Why" and analyze the competition


This is the moment to create your brand, aligned with your personal story! At this phase, we will discover your customer's behavior and what would be the best offer and sale approach.


This phase consists of the modules:

Module 4: Build your brand and align it with your personal story

Module 5: Define your offer and prices

Module 6: Sales: Define your success strategies and metrics


In this phase, we are going to launch your product/service. Here, we will put your brand on the market, check what we can improve, and teach you how to sell organically, making your business work!


This phase consists of the modules:

Module 7: Launching the “beta test”

Module 8: Learn how to earn organically

Module 9: Generate feedback and data, learning how to analyze it

Module 10: Learn from the results you've had

Module 11: Reiterate your business and your life

Module 12: Set your goals and get down to business!

Discover everything that makes up the Become Your Own Bossliv Mentorship


Check out in full everything that will be composing the Become Your Own Bossliv Mentorship:


  • 12 online modules of 2 hours each;
  • 2 and a half hours of individual practices to create your brand;
  • 1 hour with the design to work on your logo;
  • Creation of the Marketing concept of your business;
  • Development of your personal and business skills;
  • Information on technology platforms and solutions;
  • Working together with Marketing, Technology, Organization and Finance specialists; and
  • Practice and Implementation.

 Meet your Mentor e guests!

Cristine Thereza Lerner (Mentor)



Cristine is an international businesswoman with over 20 years of experience in many different industries, from academia to real estate.
Like most women, Cristine strives to be competent in every role she plays in her life. She is a daughter, mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, dreamer, achiever and philanthropist.

Gabriela Brasil (Guest)

Entrepreneur, creator, a time-management consultant with a genuine passion for technology. Professional member of NAPO, Notion Consultant and Evernote Business Certified Consultant, has supported over 1500 customers online.

Lilian Santini (Guest)

Creative Director specialized in brand design, CEO of The Copper Portico, Lilian creates visual brands and personalize strategies that connect with her clients and audience in an authentic and dynamic way. 

Priscila Cacicedo (Guest)

With over 20 years of experience in the market, she is a partner at Titanium Digital Marketing, a speaker and mentor to entrepreneurs on positioning on the social network to attract customers.



Make your dream come true with a business that aligns your story, your personal life, that serves you instead you serve it.